Cocktail Lounge, Sports Bar, and TAB Facilities in Kellyville Ridge - The Ettamogah, Kellyville Ridge, NSW 2155

Sports Bar

The Sports Bar is the local bar at the Ettamogah. It serves 16 differing beers and ciders from a total of 22 taps: including lights, premium low carb varieties and imports. A full range of wines and spirits are also available.

Connected to the Sports bar is our state of the art Platinum TAB and Keno. The Ettamogah has the largest TAB west of the casino, consisting of 15 dedicated sports screens; it's the perfect place to purchase your beverages without missing any of the sporting action. Our VIP lounge is also within close proximity to the Sports Bar.

Deck Bar

The Deck Bar is the newest addition to the recent renovations. This bar has been designed as a 270° indoor/outdoor bar, meaning that the purchase of beverages is possible inside and out. With the new Rock Climbing wall, this bar enables parents to purchase their drinks without having to leave the wall. The Deck Bar has a full range of products including many beers and ciders on tap along with wines and spirits. Additionally, the Deck Bar serves frozen daiquiris to cool you off on those scorching hot summer days.

Cocktail Lounge

The Cocktail lounge is a specialised bar situated in the middle of the hotel. This bar consists of a large variety of premium spirits and liqueurs for that extraordinary occasion. This bar will also cater for cocktails entailing a retro theme which the ladies will surely love. In addition, this bar offers a great range of craft beer and ciders on tap if your taste buds fancy something special.